35 Unique Beach Wedding Bouquets

Finding perfect beach wedding bouquets for you and your bridesmaids is no easy task!  I’ve compiled a gallery of bouquets to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing!

Seaside weddings tend to be more relaxed and casual than traditional celebrations, which means you can have a lot more fun with your bouquet than if you were tying the knot in your local church.  Think bold colors, exotic blooms, beach accents…the sky’s the limit!

Beach Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Seashell and Starfish

Let’s face it, when you think of beach themed wedding bouquets, the first thing that usually comes to mind is seashells and starfish. You can get gorgeous bouquets with all those seaside elements custom made to match your style, theme, and personality. Besides being a really unique and memorable idea, the best part is that you can pack them in your suitcase and keep them forever!

beach wedding bouquet

Bouquet Sold By: Romantic Flowers

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Beach Wedding Bouquets made of fresh flowers with seashells and starfish

If you love the idea of seashell bridal bouquets but want to also blend in some fresh flowers, you’’re in luck because it’’s very easy to have the best of both worlds.

Just take your favorite bloom and add a few beach-themed accents by gluing some starfish and/or seashells to a wire and inserting them between the stems.  That’s it! The stems will hide the wire so that all you see is the seashell or starfish almost ‘floating’ above the flowers.

seashell and roses beach wedding bouquet

pink seashell and rose bouquet

Another idea is to add a small starfish or seashell detail to the stem of your bouquets like the one pictured below.

Orchid Bouquets

Orchids are a really popular choice because it is such an exotic and absolutely breathtaking flower…that loves the heat!  It also happens to come in a variety of colors and types to suit every taste and budget.  It’s the native flower of some beach wedding destinations like Costa Rica, so if you happen to be tying the knot there, you’ll be happy to find a really wide variety of exotic orchids.

orchid beach wedding bouquets

orchid beach wedding bouquet


I love the idea of mixing orchids with other types of flowers in tropical colors.

beach wedding bouquet

green and pink orchid beach wedding bouquets

Tropical Beach Wedding Bouquets

If you want to capture the beach theme, have fun and make a statement – go with bright, tropical bridal bouquets and centerpieces.  Just have your florist blend in different flowers in a variety of bold, eye popping colors for a really stunning look.


beach wedding bouquet


Pink and fuchsia are always a favorite for seaside nuptials because it’s a fun color that really pops against the neutral colors of the sand and ocean.  If you’’re planning a sunset ceremony, try blending in different shades of colors you’’d find in a tropical sunset like orange, fuchsia and yellow!

beach wedding bouquets Gerbera Daisies

beach wedding bouquet tropical sunset


Orange & Yellow Bouquets

yellow beach wedding bouquet

orange beach wedding bouquet

 Pink Bouquets

All pink bouquets are popular for all kinds of weddings because it’s such a soft, feminine and pretty color.  Here are a few to inspire you.

pink beach wedding bouquet

Photo Credit: Sylvia Guardia M; See More of this Real Wedding in Costa Rica

beach wedding bouquet pink gerbeera daisies and roses

ginger beach wedding bouquets

Unique Beach Wedding Bouquets

If you’re not into seashells, but still want something unique that you can pack in your suitcase and keep forever, I’ve found the answer to your prayers.  I love anything that is unique and out of the norm, which is why I was blown away when I first saw these brooch bouquets.

Each one is such a work of art!  You can have yours custom made using your colors, and if you have a special piece of jewelry, it can even be incorporated into the arrangement.

brooch wedding bouquets

brooch wedding bouquet purple

brooch wedding bouquetBrooch Bouquets shown here are sold by:  The Ritzy Rose


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Calla Lily Beach Wedding Bouquets

Calla Lilies are simple, elegant and dramatic! Calla Lily bouquets come in several different colors with the most common being white.  But although you might think white is well… blah – what makes them stand out is their long, thick green stems and large blooms.

They are perfect if you’’re going for a simple, elegant look.

Calla Lilies are perfect for a beach wedding because it’’s a strong flower that can withstand the heat. They are timeless and will look great whether you’’re having a modern, laid back beach ceremony or a more formal celebration.

You can add a pop of color by adding a satin ribbon to match your color palette like I did to my bouquet, pictured here.

beach wedding bouquet calla lilly

Callas are also a popular choice for brides who can’’t find blooms to match the bridesmaid dresses.  If your color palette consists of aqua or turquoise, you have probably searched high & low for matching flowers and come up empty.  It’s a popular color for beach weddings but when was the last time you saw turquoise flowers?

White Calla Lilly bouquets will look gorgeous against almost any color bridesmaid dress.

bridesmaid beach wedding boouquet

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  1. Anna Picket says

    That first bouquet made entirely of seashells is definitely fun. I think we’d rather have some flowers in the mix, though. Having a starfish or two in the bouquet would add a nice nautical touch for us. The calla lily ones are very pretty as well. If it can stay strong and not wilt through the ceremony, that would be even better.

  2. Dusty Vanderbilt says

    I am in love with this starfish and shell bouquet! The colors and shapes are even prettier than real flowers. And, best of all, it will last forever! I’m getting married in Florida in the summer, so I think I’ll try something like this! What kinds of shells are used?

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