Gallery of Beach Theme Wedding Cakes

The beach theme wedding cakes on this page are what I consider pure works of art.

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I’’ve gone on the hunt for beach wedding cake designs that are sleek, classy, modern and unique but still fun! And I’’ll share them all with you on photo galleries throughout this site.

If you find one that you love, just print it or forward the link to your baker to give them an idea of the theme you’’d like for your very own beach wedding cake design.

Gallery of Beach Theme Wedding Cakes

This first beach theme wedding cake is just so gorgeous!  It is made with white fondant and accented with a coral ribbon at the base of each tier, and topped with just enough delicate seashells, sand dollars, and flowers.

beach wedding cake

Image Courtesy of Sylvia Guardia

The next 6 cakes in this post were all baked and decorated by the fabulous Torte Di Toni who happens to be located in Italy, – so make sure you check her out if by any chance you’’re tying the knot near Tuscany –she’’s absolutely awesome in every way!

But regardless of where you’’re getting married, you can still draw inspiration from these beach theme cakes that are almost too beautiful to cut!

Most brides think that white is the default color for their cake, but this is a gorgeous example of how you can use a bright color without sacrificing style or class. It’’s decorated with ocean blue fondant and just a few neutral colored seashells scattered throughout.

Beach Theme Wedding Cakes

You might not think blue seashells sound all that great in theory, but the end result can be pure brilliance! This is a smaller two tiered beach theme wedding cake which is just perfect for a smaller intimate ceremony.  The seashells were made of fondant and painted with blue & pearl luster to give it that beautiful and shimmery look.

Beach Theme Wedding Cakes

Don’’t you just love everything about this beach theme wedding cake? If you look closely enough, you’’ll notice that the seashells were painted with just a hint of shimmery copper!  It’’s a small detail but it really takes this cake to another level of Ah-MAZING!

Beach Theme Wedding Cakes

This design is brilliant in its simplicity! It’’s similar than the one pictured above but this one is sleeker and has a more modern feel. The subtle quilting detail, the satin ribbon… – everything about it is just gorgeous!

Beach Theme Wedding Cakes

White can seem so blah in a traditional setting but when you have the turquoise ocean, blue sky and towering green palm trees as your background, white can really look chic, modern and classy. If that’’s the theme you’’re going for, there are some gorgeous beach themed wedding cakes to fit the bill. This happens to be one of my all time favorites.

Beach Theme Wedding Cakes

It’’s common for beach and destination weddings to be smaller and more intimate, which opens up a huge problem -– what do you do with all that leftover cake?

Petite beach wedding cakes and cupcakes like the ones pictured below are an AWESOME solution! Not only is this a modern growing trend, it can also be a huge cost saver! I love how each cupcake is topped with a seashell or starfish while the center cake has a variety of shells to complete the beach theme.

Beach Theme Wedding Cakes


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